Want a “Green” Lawn? Try These Environmentally Friendly Yard Tips!

Having a home that’s great for our planet doesn’t only mean using less electricity and swapping out your bulbs for energy efficient ones. It involves every choice you make throughout the life of your home. One way your home impacts the environment is in the manner you care for your lawn.

How can caring for your lawn have a positive impact? Take a look to find out.

Buy the Right Tools for the Job: Skip the gas powered mower and weed trimmers for battery operated and electrical options. If you have a small yard, consider a reel mower (not to be confused with “real”) these mowers are the old fashioned style your grandfather likely used and are human powered, therefore don’t use any fossil fuels.

Water Smarter: Much of the water from frequent sprinkler use evaporates before it even hits the ground. Choose a smarter way to water by using sprinklers in the midmorning before the sun is as high. Water your yard only a few times a week, and for an extra 10 minutes to water less frequently for a better impact. Consider a smart sprinkler system to save even more water. Monitor the forecast and keep rain predictions in mind before turning on your sprinklers.

Think Taller: To avoid the need for weed killers, keep your grass taller. The taller the grass, the less sun can reach the soil and allow for those pesky weeds to grow in. Keep your mower at the highest setting. It’s a myth that cutting the grass short means less frequent mowing. Taller grass keeps weeds from choking out healthy grass and grows at a slower rate than short grass.

Try Your Hand at Composting: Compost is a magical way to turn your leaves, yard clippings, and food waste into nutrient rich soil. Not only is it great for the environment and makes your yard look beautiful, it’s also a completely free resource that saves you tons of money over commercial fertilizers.

Bring in New Pets: Worms are hard workers in your lawn. They aerate the soil and bring health to your garden. Consider purchasing a colony of worms to use in your grass. Allow them to do the backbreaking work of aeration and help your lawn to thrive.

Choose Organic Lawn Products: What you buy has a huge impact on your lawn and on the environment. Choose products that are organic or chemical free to make your lawn beautiful and protect the environment. There are endless options that are available at your hardware store or local lawn center. Organic products give parents of young children and pet owner’s peace of mind knowing their lawn is safe. Eliminating harmful chemicals is a win-win for homeowners.

Leave a Tree: It’s no secret that planting a tree has a huge environmental impact. Plant a tree that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Not only will it provide beauty and shade, it will offset your carbon footprint and positively impact our planet.

These tips are only the beginning. Lawn care doesn’t have to mean harmful chemicals and tons of wasted water. Try these tips to ensure your yard is a beautiful spot with a positive impact for years to come.

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