Are You Using These Water Saving Hacks?

By choosing a home built by Manchester Green Homes, you’re making a better choice for the environment. Our homes are built with the earth’s best interests in mind. But you know that you shouldn’t stop there. Water is one of our biggest wasted resources. It’s not only bad for the environment to waste water, but it’s also bad for our wallets.

Cut back on your consumption and save some green in the process with these helpful tips!

·         Rain Water Collection- Consider a rainwater collection barrel to utilize the free rainwater to water your plants and lawn this year.

·         Make it a Game- Kids (and adults) love a good challenge! Make quick showers or turning off the tap during hand washing and teeth brushing into a contest. Use timers and other methods to keep track and reward the winner. (We suggest cookies!)

·         Collect the Cold- You know how it takes a few seconds to get the hot water going when you turn on the hot tap? Well, don’t let that cool water run down the drain! Place your tea kettle or cooking pots under the faucet to collect the extra water while you wait!

·         Sweep Instead of Spray- If you’re cleaning up outdoors, consider a dry cleaning method instead of using your hose and sprayer. Sweep your sidewalks instead of spraying, this will save water and you’ll get in a great workout!

·         Steam Instead of Boil Food- Submerging your veggies in water to boil them makes for mushy and nutrient compromised food. Steam your veggies to use a fraction of the water and preserve the valuable nutrients on your plate!

·         Don’t Waste Your Dishwashing Efforts- Fill up one side of the sink to wash dishes or when prepping them for the dishwasher. Don’t run the water constantly and you’ll save gallons at a time!

·         Look for Leaks- Your utility bill will usually show if there’s a leak in your home. While you’ll want to save that wasted money, you will also want to conserve that wasted water! Find the source and fix it ASAP!

·         Water Better- Don’t water your lawn in the high point of the summer sunshine. Consider watering mid-morning so your water doesn’t evaporate requiring more. Also, consider a sprinkler with larger droplets that sprays closer to the ground. This will save wasted evaporation and make your watering efforts more effective.  

·         Wash Colors Together- Aside from new clothes with oversaturated dyes, your colorful laundry probably doesn’t need to be sorted by lights and darks. Consider washing a load of all colors at once in cold water. This will save water and energy, plus it will make your life less complicated.

·         Go to the Car Wash- The car wash is a great place to contain the mess of car cleaning, plus it’s a water saving measure! Many car washes filter and recycle the wastewater to reuse on cars and also use nozzles that maximize the spray output without using more water.

Try adding in one or two of these habits this week. Make it fun for your family and see just how much you can switch up your family’s water consumption! Let us know, what are your favorite ways to save water? Have you figured out any helpful hacks?

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